Single Certificate Service from the DBS

As of the 17th June 2013 the DBS will no longer automatically issue a copy of the applicant’s DBS Certificate to the Registered Body.

This is a decision that had to be implemented due to a change in law. This change - part of the government’s aim to put the individual in greater control of their own data - means that that DBS Certificate will ONLY be sent to the individual on whom the check was carried out..

hrbc are an online service provider and will get notification that Disclosures have been issued, the Disclosure numbers and dates, and notification whether it is clear or contains conviction information.

Employers will have to request to see the applicant’s Disclosure to check the content and eligibility for the role, since only the Applicant will receive the Disclosure Certificate.

In order to confirm that a Disclosure Certificate is the original we provide details on the security features on the Disclosure Certificate to ensure that it has not been forged or tampered with.

Security features of a DBS Disclosure Certificate

A DBS Disclosure Certificate contains a number of security features which can be used to verify whether it has been altered in any way:

  • a ‘crown seal’ watermark repeated down the right hand side, visible both on the surface and when holding it up to the light
  • a background design featuring the word ‘Disclosure’, which appears in a wave-like pattern across both sides of the certificate; the pattern’s colour alternates between blue and green on the reverse of the certificate
  • ink and paper that change colour when wet

Note: The security features for a CRB certificate issued before 1 December 2012 are the same as for the DBS certificate.

If you are unsure whether a DBS Disclosure Certificate is genuine or if you think that it may have been altered, you should contact the DBS on 0870 90 90 811

Reusing a DBS check

A DBS certificate only contains information from a DBS check on a certain date and for a particular purpose. Employers can accept a previously issued certificate at their own risk if they don’t want to carry out a free of charge status check.

It’s also up to the employer to check that the applicant’s identity matches the details on the certificate and that it’s the level and type for the role the applicant applied for.

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