About HRBC

Human Resource Background Checks (HRBC) is a registered Umbrella Body with the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) and offers a Secure Paperless online police checking service for the whole of the United Kingdom through the services of The Disclosure and Barring Service.

HRBC provides a dynamic and innovative approach to Online Secure CRB checking to form a solid client base, benefiting from the company’s highly skilled personnel, using the latest technologies and techniques backed up by a strong operations team and help desk facility.


Our online system enables organisations to check information held on the Police National Computer and official lists held by the Department for Education and Skills and the Department of Health for any records held on individuals seeking to work with Children and or Vulnerable Adults.


Our aim is to help protect children and vulnerable adults by providing a first-class service to support organisations recruiting people into positions of trust.

Our services provide employers, voluntary sector organisations and those in their care, with disclosure information, to assist in the recruitment decision, helping protect the vulnerable. Some employers will be under an obligation to seek disclosures on potential employees.

Our Paperless online system provides a faster, smoother application process reducing delays in getting your staff started and eliminating errors when completing and receiving disclosure applications.

In order to meet the DBS aim of protecting the vulnerable there are two levels of checking designed to safeguard jobs or posts that involve working with children or vulnerable adults. These are designated Standard DBS and Enhanced DBS.

HRBC offers price competitive solutions for all your DBS requirements.

Contact HRBC or Register with HRBC to receive further information or click DBS to see the process and useful information.


Human Resource Background Checks 22 Grange Close Ruskington Lincolnshire NG34 9FB Phone 0844884 8633