DBS Disclosure Service

Disclosure is now an essential element in the recruitment process for a large number of organisations. If your organisation recruits individuals that come into contact with vulnerable people and especially children, then it's likely your organisation has new statutory requirements and responsibilities.

Our aim is to provide your organisation with a range of services to help you to meet those obligations and to fulfil your responsibilities. In doing so we provide many organisations with a solution to ensure compliance is achieved with the minimum effect upon resources. We provide services that offer -

  • Streamlined application processing.
  • An advisory service for safer recruitment.
  • A true Paperless Application Process.

If like us, you believe an organisations resources are better focused upon customer services, then perhaps you need only ask yourself one question - "Can our services save you time and resources, and provide a service that actually costs less?". Our services cost less than you expect, so much so - that you will be delighted and pleased you found us.

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