Enhancements to DBS identity checking process to be introduced

From 28 May, the DBS’s identity checking guidelines will be strengthened in order to improve public protection.

The changes, which are a government priority, will make it more difficult for individuals to conceal previous criminal records by changing their identity. They are designed to enhance the good working practices adopted by many organisations when verifying and validating the identity of those that they intend to recruit, appoint or licence.

The focus will be on asking applicants, in the first instance, to produce documents that they would have acquired through undergoing stringent identity verification with the document issuer, such as the Identity and Passport Service or the DVLA.

The new identity checking process will have three routes, and includes an option to use a new external identity validation check, which can be used by organisations for applicants who cannot provide the required documentation. Details of the new external identity validation services have yet to be finalised but full details will be made available soon.

To help organisations comply with the new guidelines and to introduce them into their identity verification procedures, we will run both the new and existing guidelines in parallel from 28 May until the 31 August, when the existing guidelines will cease to apply.

To find out more about the changes to the DBS identity checking guidance please download the following documents:

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