DBS update service

Update Service

From 17 June 2013 applicants can subscribe to the Update Service with a new application or Certificate. The Update Service will then keep their Certificate up-to-date.

Reusing a Certificate

Once subscribed the individual can then take their Certificate with them from role to role where the same level and type of check are required.

How much will it cost?

There will be a £13 annual subscription fee, free for volunteers.

What is a Status check?

With the individual’s permission, employers can go online for a free and instant check to find out whether the individual’s Certificate is still up-to-date.

How employers will make a Status check

Employers will enter their name and organisation together with the applicant’s name, date of birth and Certificate number.

They do not have to register or subscribe to carry out a Status check.

Other changes coming in at the same time

Applicant-only certificates

The DBS will issue Certificates to the applicant only, putting them in control of their own data.

Certificate reprints

If an employer applied for a new Certificate as a result of a Status check which showed a change in status, and the individual has not shown their new Certificate to them within 28 days of its issue, the employer can then request a copy of it from the DBS.

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