DBS Contact Details

PO Box 110
Liverpool L69 3EF

Customer Services....0870 90 90 811

Disputes line............ 0870 90 90 778
Minicom line............ 0870 90 90 344
Llineu Gymraeg......... 0870 90 90 223

Disclosure & Barring Service

On 31 March 2011 the content of the CRB website migrated to the following government websites:

www.direct.gov.uk/crb – information and access to services for CRB applicants and the general public

www.businesslink.gov.uk/crb – information for registered bodies and other associated businesses and organisations using the CRB service

www.homeoffice.gov.uk/crb – corporate information and publications for particular interest groups and partners

Contact hrbc or Register with hrbc to receive further information or click DBS to see the process and useful information.

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