Occupational Health & Safety & Environmental Services

ADC Fire Systems Ltd - supply, install, maintain & repair fire alarm systems, emergency lighting systems & nurse call systems for local authorities.
Almeda Environmental Services Ltd - is an environmental company offering compliance services within the water and air hygiene industries working in the education & medical sectors.
Aqua Analyse Ltd
- carry out work in the education and care sector undertaking legionella management, water treatment & water system remedial work.
Aqua Legion UK Ltd
- is an independent environmental consultancy offering risk assessment service to schools and care home as required.
British Fire Advisory Services Ltd - Are a Fire Safety Consultancy Providing Fire Risk Assessments which Enables Education & Medical Establishments to Comply with Current Fire Safety Legislation.
Brampton Training & Consultancy Limited - specialists in Environmental Health issues.
Chisnall Environmental Services Limited -
a water treatment company who assist in the reduction of risk from legionnaire's disease for housing associations, trusts and sheltered accommodation.
Clear Round Pest Services - is a pest control company carrying out work in nursing/care homes, schools both residential and day hospices
Dart Fire Protection Ltd - provide installation, service & maintenance of portable fire extinguishers, fire alarm systems & emergency lighting for schools and local authorities.
Hullternative Pest Control Services Ltd - Pest and Vermin Control Supllying Services to the Local Authorities, NHS and Care Community.
Hydrotech E S Ltd - are a specialist cleaning company, cleaning kitchens in schools, colleges and care homes.
James and Associates - offers experience within the Environmental Health Sector and an in-depth understanding of the issues that are faced on a day to day basis, they select the right person for the right placement.
Jeremy Benn Associates Ltd - environmental consultants working with local community groups & schools.
JTP Associates - are fire safety consultants & provide fire safety & h & s advice to and emergency planning working in school and for local authorities.
Key Environmental Services Ltd - Provide Water Hygiene Consultancy And Services To A Variety Of Clients Including Care Homes, Retirement Housing, Schools And Hospitals.
Lancashire Fire & Safety - carry out Fire Risk Assessment of fire in the workplace, the dangers that fire poses to those who use the workplace and how the risk and spread of fire can be minimised.
Mansionhouse Healthcare Ltd- are an occupational health provider to the private and public sectors.
MPP Energy Ltd - provides companies with the ability to effectively manage their energy and water consumption and consequential carbon emissions through on-line monitoring of all usage.
Neaves & Neat Employment Services Ltd - provide Permanent, Temporary and Fixed Term staffing solutions for a wide range of industries including office, administration, sales, marketing and accountancy personnel, as well as industrial environmental and catering staff.
Occupational Health Works Ltd (Glasgow)- providing a wide range of HSE approved occupational health services to clients throughout Scotland.
P.W. Industrial Services Ltd - provide ventilation maintenance and electrical engineer service to schools and care organisations.
Prokill Cornwall - provide pest prevention and control. Working in education establishments.
Prokill London Southwest - provide pest prevention and control. Working in education, care and medical establishments.
RPS Group Plc - is an international consultancy providing advice upon the development of natural resources, land and property, the management of the environment and the health and safety of people. They interact with children through presentations to enable awareness of the environment.
Safety Assured Limited - manufacture, supply and install finger protectors for doors. Supplying their product amongst other to schools.
Stirling Technical Services Ltd - provides technical services to the medical and education sectors.
The Port of London Authority - Along with its many responsibilities the PoLA is also responsible for running a ‘Riverside Code' trailer which is used to educate children and young people about the River Thames and the dangers associated with it.
Vectra Group Limited - Supply specialist safety & risk management and technicial consultancy iaw the Disability Discrimination Act 2005.

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