Media Services

6ft Small Productions - is a Film Production Company, Specialising in Productions for Schools, Sports Associations or Promo-Films.
A Craft Limited -
Produce instructional/educational DVDs as required by clients, involving open days and fundraising events.
Adastra Creative Ltd - television production company working with child performers.
Artery Media Ltd - are a web design and development agency specialising in building websites for local authorities and schools involving the input of children .
Arts Photography Limited
- A photography studio dealing with family portraits, nursery, school and event photography.
Blokmedia Ltd - provide media production and training to children in schools.
Bruizer Limited- Film & TV production company involved in filming & producing video that include working with children and vulnerable adults.
Cabah Limited - provide photography and ICT services to schools.
Capture 1 D VP L td - produce educational resources, working with and alongside children and vulnerable adult on school and carehome premises.
Cherished Moments Ltd - are photographers who supply their services to schools and theatres.
Company of Designers England Ltd - provide marketing communication and images for the education and children services.
Finetune Productions - Community led video production, teaching 11-64 age groups.
Fun Active Creative Events Ltd - Digital media productions, ranging from promotional videos to short films. Providing instructions to both children and vulnerable adults.
Handstand Productions Limited - works in schools and on youth projects.
Hibex - photographic services to schools.
Inside Photography Ltd - provide photographic services for nurseries and schools.
Inspiration Photography - is a photography business that provide services to the care, school and charity sectors.
Intrepid Media Ltd - produce factual programmes for television and video which involve working across the age spectrum.
JFK Solutions - photographic company who carry out work in schools.
Kids with Cameras- carry out work in schools and after school club premises offering extra-curricular digital photography lessons to children ages 6-11.
Liquidis Limited - provide professional photography where work is carried out on education establishments.
Mattjamesphotography - provides a photographer service to schools.
Media for Development - provide relevant, culturally appropriate materials and solutions for people and organisations accross the age spectrum.
Memento Recordings - carry of recording of school performances – choirs, acting or Christmas events and provide a finish item on CD/DVD.
Memories UK Ltd - use reminiscence therapy for dementia sufferers. This involves the discussion of past activities and experiences, assisted by aids such as photographs, videos and life story books.
Metal Dog Media Ltd - provides training in digital media, delivering participatory media projects with young people and adults from vulnerable groups.
Mind Studio Photography - Services are creative challenges in Abstract, Fashion, Portrait, Talent Portfolios.
MRCPhoto - provides a photgraphy service to schools.
MR Design & Print - photographer for schools and the community.
Mahua Productions Ltd - provide training and skills development projects & initiatives including sports activities & creative workshops. Targeting young people outside mainstream provisions.
My Very Own Video - go into schools, nurseries & pre-schools to video children individually using different backgrounds in accoprdance with staff direction.
New Vision Photography - a photographic business providing a service to schools & care homes for the disabled & elderly.
Phocus Photography Ltd - carries out work in schools and care homes.
Ricochet Ltd - produce programs that are factual and entertaining which involves all across the age spectrum.
Shed Media Plc - produce programs that are factual documentary and entertaining where children are contributors.
Shoot the Company - scripts, shoots and edits films, working with children in school.
Simply Associates Ltd - Is a Training & Consultancy Company Working in Schools - Providing Extra-Curricular Activities to Children.
Siren Films Ltd- services to schools and on their own premises for children.
ST16 Ltd - work with children & vulnerable adults on behalf of primary care trusts, local councils and road safety organisations.
Star Radio ( Bristol ) - a community Radio Station that attends events and schools.
Star Radio ( Cheltenham ) - radio production working on Star Ride to School project.
Straight Curve - aims to help future moviemakers who need practical experience in the art of short movie making, offering
Studio 5 - provide photography's for family portraits, model portfolios, wedding photography,schools, functions and sporting events.
Vibe Photography Limited - a photography company who carry out work in schools and across the complete age spectrum and are the preferred supplier for the British Amateur Gymnastics Association.
Zero Balance Limited - Film and Media production and exhibition with a focus on film education, working in schools and colleges.

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