Market Research

Centre for Enterprise Ltd - working to improve social and economic prosperity across the uk carrying out market research with children.
Consilient Consulting Ltd
- a consultancy firm working for local authorities, health & voluntary community sectors consulting with children and vulnerable adults.
Counterpoint (UK) Ltd
- market research company specialising in qualitative market research some of which is working with children.
Curiosity Research Limited - Market Research Consultancy Carrying Out Qualitative And Quantiative Research in Education and NHS establishments.
Ethnos Research and Consultancy- Market Research Specialising in ethnic research.
Jones Rhodes Associates Ltd - a research agency who interview under 18's in a research capacity.
Nuffield Trust for Research - the trust's mission is to promote independent analysis and informed debate on uk healthcare policy.
Planning Express Ltd - brand and account planning services, including market research being carried out in education establishments
PPRE Ltd - provides social research detail to government depatrtments which involves working with all vulnerable age groups.
Qualasys Limited - provide research and data services, interviewing young people and those interacting with the Criminal Justice System.
Research Solutions UK Ltd - undertake social and market research with children, young people & vulnerable adults.
Research Team (Quant) Ltd - carry out market studies – including segmentation studies, evaluation of product and concept potential and for products usage and attitudes, often utilising children for opinions.
The Dream Mill Ltd - is a social research agency that works with charities and government bodies. Undertaking research with vulnerable adults, youth audiences and ethinc minorities
The Knowledge Agency Ltd - is a market research agency who seek opinions from children.
Title Research Admin Limited - a specialist research organisation.
York Health Economics Consortium Ltd - Provide Consultancy & Research in Health Economics to the NHS & the Pharmaceutical & Health Care Industries.
YouGov Plc - is a Market Research Agency that Undertakes Research for Government where their client base is Children.

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