How long does a DBS Disclosure last?

Disclosures are a check against Government-held records at a moment in time. 

Each Disclosure will show the date on which it was printed, therefore, the older the Disclosure the less reliable it is, however, there will be no expiry date.

Certain elements must be considered on how long they last :-

  • 1.  If a person already has a CRB or DBS Disclosure for a role, how up to date must it be for another organisation to accept it for a different role?

  • 2.  If a person is in continuous employment with the same employer, how often should a re-checked be carried out?

The answers to the above are :-

  • 1.  Existing Disclosures can be accepted if the applicant has signed up to via the DBS website forthe DBS Update Service.
  • 2.  Otherwise Re-checks should be considered and carried out every 3 years under normal circumstances or every 2 years if the relationship between the requesting organisation (employer etc.) and the subject is more distant, i.e. such that any " incidents" occurring after a check may not come to light through rumor mill.

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