Code of Practice

Disclosure information is information contained in criminal record certificates under the Police Act 1997 as such it is sensitive information that needs to be dealt with carefully and with confidence.

The code of practice sets out the requirements for everyone participating in the Disclosure process. The Code of Practice is intended to ensure that sensitive personal information is:

  • Handled and stored appropriately.
  • Kept only for as along as necessary.
  • Used fairly and provides assurances to applicants.

It is important that applicants are aware of their rights. To fulfil these obligations organisations enter into agreement with the DBS to ensure the Code of Practice is upheld. Strict guidelines and controls ensure information is protected throughout the process.

The information provided in this page is a synopsis of the rights and expectations of those that use the service. More information about Disclosures can be found on the DBS website.

Further information relating to the Code and current matters relating to registered persons and others having an involvement with Disclosure information, is contained in an explanatory guide for registered organisations which is in our secure web site.

Contact HRBC or Register with HRBC to receive further information or click DBS to see the process and useful information.

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